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Benefits of owning an EV

Government grants

When registering a new Electric Vehicle on the Maltese Islands, one can benefit from government grants of up to €13000*. With the help of the government grants, prices are already comparable to those of diesel and petrol vehicles, making their ownership more accessible.

€11000 rebate + €1000 scrappage scheme (When scrapping a vehicle registered in Gozo, a further €1000 grant is applicable)

Better for the environment

Driving a fully Electric Vehicle is a green, clean and eco-friendly alternative to petrol/diesel engines. They emit zero emissions, resulting in a cleaner environment for future generations.

Low consumption costs

For drivers looking for a more cost-effective and efficient method of transportation, EVs offer great long-term value. Furthermore, the current cost of the electricity required to charge an EV is less than the cost to use petrol for a similar-sized vehicle driving the same distance.

A lesser-known advantage of owning an Electric Vehicle is that when in traffic, little to no energy is consumed when idle. This increases the efficiency of the car, whilst improving the range by avoiding battery depletion whilst in traffic.

Easy and efficient charging

With an Electric Vehicle, you can charge it overnight at your home, offering a convenient solution to recharge your battery. However, with the steady increase in public charging points, charging your Electric Vehicle is becoming even more accessible.

Quieter driving experience

The first thing drivers notice when switching to an Electric Vehicle is the smoothness of the vehicle. This allows for a much more comfortable and relaxing driving experience.

Electric Vehicles offer instant torque, with immediate response as soon as you step on the accelerator, making them ideal for city driving. Electric motors are capable of providing a smooth drive with high acceleration over longer distances.

Free license for the first 5 years*

A benefit of owning an Electric Vehicle in Malta is not paying road license for the first five years. This means that the first five years already offer a minimum of €500 savings on license fees alone. Once this period is over, the current licence is still considerably cheaper than that of an ICE vehicle.

Uncompromising Design

EV's are growing in popularity. With popularity comes all new types of cars that are distinctive, providing you with a wealth of choice. By going electric with us, you have a wide range of Electric Vehicles to choose from, each with a unique and personalised identity.

Our representatives are constantly updated with the latest information. Contact us to discuss any queries you may have.

*Terms & conditions apply. Government schemes and amounts quoted are correct at the time of writing and are subject to change.


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